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I have been drawing since I could pick up a pencil, I love to create and be creative.
Mice Twice originally was published in 1953

2008 - After reading, I enjoyed the story so much, I had to create my own version of it, so I created my version of the characters, colored the illustrations watercolor and added the same story in InDesign.

Ink Drawings
Below are the preliminary ink illustrations prior to watercolor in Corel Painter 8.

Lil' Fuzzy Comic Book
2008 I created the story of a "baby" Sasquatch and his adventures. Then I added another adventure of my own inside the comic.

Insert of my personal adventures, created as a comic book

Drawings and Oil Pastel
Other artwork of mine in illustrations from my imagination and pictures

My first oil painting

Canadian Barn 2002

Graphic Design

Game Packaging Design
Secret of Mana

I loved the Secret of Mana game when I played it on the Super Nintendo system. What impressed me was the story of the game, the characters with unique skills, and the artwork of the original cover. Since the game has not been created for Nintendo Wii, I thought I would create a cover for the game!

Game Box - front & back Character illustration(below)

Technical Illustration
I used Photoshop to illustrate the outer and inside layers of an IPod Nano and photographs of a real IPod Nano taken apart to create my technical illustration.

Sandwich view and front/back views

Product Design - Sponge Glove

A unique cleaning product that I came up with the concept for and then desgined the packaging for. I used a fifities pastel palette for color and shape.

I built my unique product using kitchen gloves, cutting shapes of sponge for the fingers and adhering all the parts.

Font Design
I am officially a typographer! Fontbook was used to set the typeface all the letters AND symbols. I created the letters by hand illustration and then illustrator to "livetrace" for the smooth edges. Titled: Forest Ranger.

Logo, Business Card and Memo Design

Kirchner Creek

Business logo design I created with hand-drawn Alpaca and the background using Photoshop blends. For a client with an Alpaca farm and business of selling Alpacas hair.

Ink sketch of design for the Alpaca body and celtic pattern
Phillips Soil
A sprouting plant makes a great logo for this soil company. The roots also suggest the "strength" of the company.

Fashion Illustration
Anna Sui Designs, I hand painted these using Photoshop and a real photograph of the models. I love fashion and the fun colors in the Anna Sui designs.

Photography and Alphabet Poster
It is unique to find "art" in places we go everyday. I used Photoshop to place the pictures A-Z, can you find them?

Created for advertising for doughnut company using Illustrator. I used Bauhaus design for insparation

R Studies
Created the letter using abstract shapes and negatvie space. Inspired by the Russian Constructivist style

"Q" Poster
Vernacular letter form I illustrated and composed into a composition. I used Illustrator to cut parts of the letter away to show the "negative space" and movement.

Semiotics Poster
Created this poster to visually communicate "What is communication in Hawai'i'" using images that the viewer could cognitively process the message easily.