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I have been drawing since I could pick up a pencil, I love to create and be creative.

Animation and Models

Art 450 Special Projects
Otis animated

Otis Get your Groove on!
I asked a former SOU student-Jennifer Harlow if I could use a rigged character she created to animate. She agreed and I set to work using Maya in. He is an adorable alligator character-Otis and a fun rig to work with. Hooray!
Otis walk
Walk with animated camera
Otis in Maya - working view

Walk cycle poses

The Creation of Senora

3D media created using Maya on a Mac
- Winter 2009

Render with dramatic lighting(above)
Senora - view the model from the bottom up(below)...

end of sheath, leg armor, and boots

sheath and skirt with bump map to achieve texture. Legs textured from photograph-realistic knees

Hands appear dark, they need more light, the texture is a photograph of my own

Belt and hips, bottom of chest armor. Buckle intended to be bronze

3D model-entire body side view she has a sword and is "ready to kick butt"

Model front view - Ahhh, stay back!

I used photographs of myself to get the realism in the textures for the skin and body. Textures for the leather pieces, sword, jewel and sheath were all created using other "real" images from the internet.

Side close up, you can see the detail in the sword and chest armor, the jewel has a "bump map" applied to get the texture.

Chest armor made from pattern edited in Photoshop, made B&W and used as texture on the piece as a "bump map" -.135 setting. It's a cool Celtic eagle I found online

Face, front and side views. I like the realism I got

More side and alternate views of the back armor piece

Back view, the hair looks nice when hit by this light..

End model views

Hey, the model is outside!!
Senora in the environment - outdoor day scene, she is looking at the rising moon

The sky is a dome, the ground is a plane, and the tree in the foreground is a paint effect

And then night falls.........

There is a stream that is the white line, and created by a paint effect

The sky dome is now a starlit cosmic sky image and a glowing moon is overhead...

I have set the lighting to a purple color, so here she is in the evening time...

Senora watch out for the Boogy man!

She is needing some work with hair folicles that are changed with brush settings

The sky will come into view...

looking up...

There is the brightest star in the sky....

The Process

Textures imported from photographs and placed to the UV map.
When imported to the character, is visible on 3D model itself

Chest armor pattern. The black parts will indent the poylmesh and the white will bump out. Bump Map

Sky texture- applied to a dome in Maya. I added the moon

Cosmic Night texture, I added the moon in Photoshop

Ground texture-rock, moss and ground cover images combined.

Treeline image. Applied to planes horizontal in the environment set.

Senora was modeled in Maya - Screen shots below
Persective view work panel

-top, front, side and perspective working views

Environment model

Hardwire texture on

Floor plane and horizontal planes for treeline and foothills. Paint effects show in color

can you see the difference between unrendered and rendered?



Lighting-night lighting applied by changing color of directional lights

The first stages of the 3d model February 12
torso-started with one polygon cube

Side view of torso

The second stage-the limbs and arms, followed by the shin,shoulder, and chest guards

Arm gold so I could see the difference between the arm piece during modeling

3D Model complete! Body combined, armor separate.
She is ready to have texture(color) applied!!

Here, the polygon faces are visible, the normals are hard, I will turn them soft to create a "smoother" model!

These are concept sketches of my model. The influence came from female warriors I had seen before like She Ra and Red Sonja. She is the concept of characteristics strength, and iron will.

Inspiration for the 3D model and concepts. I loved the creativity of the cartoon for the characters to the world.

I love the headpiece design with gold wings.

Sketches of my concepts for a model.
I like the girl. She is a simplified version of a human- half cartoon-half human and the color she has would show this. I would like her to have a friend which are the sketched creatures around her. I like the idea of an animal crossed with a human, childlike spirit.

I thought the creature could take on different animals, and further sketches combine a child with a cat, dog, mouse, rabbit, bear, and pig. The idea is the creature would take on the "personality" of the animal they are crossed with,

3D Clay Sculpture
First clay sculpture. Teacher model for class, block of clay to sculpt. Community college 3D

A Jump-Kick with Luetenant Dan Rig

Leutenant Dan Skip-jumping

Ball and the Wall

Get on the box

3D Models - Island Boy, Sasquatch, Snowan
Island Boy

Character Concept Sketch

Final Model and his environment!
Island Boy is approachable, friendly, lives on an island and has a surfboard. He is ready to catch some waves! Inspired by my love of Hawai'i', the culture and surfing.

The creation of Island Boy was done using Maya.
The UV maps were painted using Photoshop was with details of the body skin, nails, eyes and grass skirt.

"Looking into the sunset"
Wireframe views

Surf's Up!

Jan 2008 - Art 353

The concept sketches for Sasquatch

The concept came from myths of Sasquatch and a style I created as a cartoon/realistic 3D model that I thought Sasquatch could look like.
The Sasquatch model was created in Maya.
Wire-frame views of the model.

Snowman Model
My first model

Comcept and modeling done in Maya. Rock eyes, Hat, stick-arms and carrot all separate objects.